Project Development

A key part of our business areas

The production of power from renewable energy sources is increasing rapidly, and especially on-shore wind turbines deliver a significant contribution to Europe’s power production. Since 2006, Eurowind Energy A/S has developed wind turbine and PV projects in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Romania. Since then, Eurowind Energy A/S expanded its business to include Portugal, Italy, Sweden and the UK. Below you can read more about the steps of a project’s development phases.


Choosing the right location

In close cooperation with local partners, EWE identifies the prime sites. This includes resource assessment, e.g. wind measurements, negotiation of land leases and access to the area with land owners as well as assessment of environmental impacts. When an area is assessed suitable, we carry out the necessary steps in cooperation with the authorities. Our close relationship with land owners and developers secures that we have a clear view of the risks involved in the development of the projects.


A crucial element

Attainment of bank financing is a crucial element in the realization of a wind turbine or PV project. Eurowind Energy A/S has a close relationship with several international banks and has substantial experience in negotiating agreements on project financing, liabilities of the guarantor and similar financing agreements. The Group experiences both interest and competition from the banks at home and abroad regarding financing. Both new financing of projects and existing parks (refinancing) achieve attractive interest rate and loan terms.


The project is constructed and commissioned

Before construction we secure that all necessary permits are available, including legal due diligence of the project’s permits as well as a financial due diligence. We have a strong track record for delivering projects and preparing infrastructure such as cable and road on time and on budget. The construction takes place in cooperation with and in compliance with all involved parties in the project. After a successful and turnkey construction, the wind turbines or PV plants are prepared for grid connection and commissioning.