Investing in renewable energy

Our concept is based on long-term investments

The major institutional companies as well as private individuals indeed have taken the environmentally conscious approach to heart, and a lot of people have found investments in wind turbine projects as an attractive alternative to traditional investments such as shares, bonds and real estate investments.

Loyal customer base
Eurowind Energy A/S has a close relationship to its customers and has a loyal customer base consisting of both private individuals, institutional investors, family offices and energy companies. We secure our customers cost-competitive prices from external suppliers and continuously challenge the suppliers’ performance.

Well-analysed investments
As with other types of investments, risks are also present when investing in renewable energy projects. An investment in renewables is, among other things, influenced by wind conditions and operational costs of the wind turbines or PV plants.

We analyse these conditions thoroughly in cooperation with foreign developers. Together we develop and acquire projects abroad that meet our investor’s requirements for return on investment and security as well as our own. The assessments are conducted on the basis of many years of experience, local knowledge, wind estimations, cost structure, turbine type and financing.

An investment in wind energy projects offers several advantages.

- Attractive return on investment
- Investment with a fair level of security
- Environmentally preferable investment

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