Customer statements

Jeppe og Erik Ugilt Hansen concerning Wind park Aalestrup:

In the autumn of 2010, we were contacted by EWE about an investment in their own developed wind turbine project in Denmark: Aalestrup Wind park. We agreed to buy 80% of two 3MW Vestas V90 wind turbines.
The project was well organised and on time. Since then, we have invested in another of EWE’s Danish wind turbine projects: Wind park Døstrup.

Michael Andersen – CEO, concerning Wind park Görike:

In 2014, we acquired 50 % of a wind park developed by EWE; and – in connection with our purchase as well as with respect to our subsequent co-ownership and collaboration – we have only met skilled and enthusiastic employees, extremely focused on operational details in connection with every individual wind turbine – employees who take great pride in providing the best possible proceeds.
We are very pleased with this collaboration and look forward to extending it in the years to come.

Andreas Pick – Leiter, concerning Wind park Eisenach II:

The wind park in Eifel, which we acquired from EWE, perfectly suits our portfolio of productive wind parks in southwest Germany.
In choosing a new business partner, it was important for us to have a secure sense of dealing with a customer-minded, reliable and competent partner. We feel that our transaction with EWE was a professional win-win situation.