CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Our civic responsibility is incorporated in our business approach

At EWE, CSR is a basic element of the entire company's history/culture and business approach and forms an integral part the Group’s code of conduct. EWE focuses on operating the Group in a responsible manner, including that the social commitment supports the Group's aim of a sustainable development of society and the environment in both short and long term. EWE focuses on the well-being and health of its employees, and its cooperation with customers and suppliers also focuses on respect for human rights, environmental conditions as well as the fight against and avoidance of corruption and bribery.

As a starting point, EWE has chosen to focus on these values and business principles through a description of a code of conduct for employees rather than through individually agreed policies. Thus, there are no formally established policies for, for example, corporate social responsibility, human rights, climate changes and anticorruption, besides the great focus that the Group has on these areas through its code of conduct.

Reduction of the world’s CO2 emission is our goal
As each year passes, the focus on the amount of pollution globally increases, including CO2 emission. Especially due to measurable problems with air pollution (smog) in the largest cities in e.g. Europe and China as well as the industrialization in developing countries requires new green technology in order to ensure a renewable growth globally.

The global society is facing huge changes of the energy system, with more efficient energy use as the highest priority. EWE contributes positively to the change both locally and in Europe, through the Group’s development and investment in wind projects, PV energy and more complex overall solutions integrating several technologies. It is important to EWE, that the projects are always developed in cooperation with local authorities and local residents to ensure, that there is a joint focus on creating optimal solutions based on legislation and local wishes.

EWE strives towards contributing to a reduction in the global CO2 emissions and thus a globally sustainable development with renewable energy projects in Europe. At the same time, the
Group’s headquarters in Denmark is an energy optimized building that includes a sun tracker, a PV system, a household wind turbine, battery system and geothermal heating as well as rainwater harvesting.

Strong relations to customers and co-investors
Dialogue with customers and co-investors is essential to EWE. EWE values a constructive and open stakeholder dialogue, as the Group wishes to be a transparent and reliable partner to its customers and co-investors. EWE works daily towards creating long-lasting and mutually attractive relations to the Group’s customers based on dialogue and cooperation. EWE achieves this by investing together with its customers and, in cooperation, optimizing their common wind turbine and PV investments. EWE listens to the expectations of the different parties, for
example by taking part in public meetings and conducting general meetings and makes every effort to meet these expectations.

The employees of the EWE Group are required, as the company's external representatives, to establish relationships with co-investors, customers and suppliers etc. that take the company's standards and values into account. These are anchored in the company and the employees through openness and dialogue between management and employees, and these
include the Group's principles and views on human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption, which are in line with the UN's 10 principles on this.

The Group's relationships with customers, co-investors and suppliers are characterized by building long-term relationships based on mutual respect and the parties' business ethics and morals. Hereby the company secure, that its objectives are incorporated through dialogue and contractually.

The Group does not work in geographical areas, where the principles of the UN, as mentioned above, will traditionally require special attention. The company generally supports the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Teamwork is the key to our success
It is vital for EWE to create a work environment based on mutual trust and respect, and we place a high value on a commitment from all employees to comply with the Group's values.

EWE is positive towards the continued education of the Group’s employees, and this is encouraged through the relevant course programs for the individual employee. EWE similarly supports the employees’ desire for exercise in their spare time, by making joint arrangements for the employees. For example, EWE is a regular participant in the DHL relay race in Aarhus.

It is essential for EWE to attract employees with a focus on both teamwork and strong individual performance in a hectic workday, with the emphasis on creating long-term and valuable solutions for the benefit of customers, employees and the business. EWE encourages teamwork through initiatives such as Company Days, where all employees meet to establish ties across departments and countries, while ensuring the integration of subsidiaries and the implementation of the Group’s values.

Active player in the local community
On a local level, EWE actively supports the local football club and sponsors local scout groups, the Christmas Seal Foundation and a golf club, among other associations. It is essential for the Group to be visible both as an enterprise and as private individuals in the local area. EWE benefits from a strong local business community and recreational activities.